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Canara merges with CPG, combining our AI supported technology with cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions to better design, build and operate the data centers of the future.

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Canara Battery Products

Everything you need for your battery room

From batteries, racks and monitoring systems to lift tables, load banks, battery room compliance and safety products. 



Need new batteries? Whether you are looking for VLRA or interested in lithium-ion technology, we are here to help. Canara provides new or replacement batteries, premium or standard type batteries with either front or top terminal post, whatever your budget and preference.

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Battery Rentals

Canara provides both VLRA and Flooded products for your temporary battery needs in whatever configuration you require. We offer short-term rental or long-term leasing with option to buy.  Our experts will install your temporary batteries and remove and recycle of your old ones.

Battery Monitors

Canara provides monitoring systems, from every major brand (Alber, BTECH, Canara Cellwatch, PowerShield) that can be easily installed on UPS, switchgear, DC plant and generator battery systems.

Battery Racks

We offer several kinds of battery racks and can size an appropriate rack system for your application. 

Spill Containment

Spill control systems are rapidly becoming standard equipment in all battery rooms. With the official inclusion of Article 64 into the Uniform Fire Code, spill control is now a clear and legal necessity. To help, Canara offers a variety of spill containment options for well cell and VLRA battery systems.

Load Banks

Whether you need a load bank for 2 days or several months, Canara offers a complete line of load banks for sale or rent.

Our load banks come in different kW ratings for both DC and AC applications. The load banks are available with forced air-cooling, or normal convection cooling. Canara has a line of portable electronic solid-state load banks offering constant current DC load testing without the need for contractors, relays or operator intervention to maintain the load. A number of the load banks are available with PC interfacing and data logging battery performance during the testing cycle.

Battery Lift Tables

We can provide a variety of lift tables from manual foot pump to battery powered and AC electric powered hydraulic lifts.

Battery Accessories

Canara offers a wide range of battery room and rack compliance and safety products, including: 

  • Aisle Mats
  • Eye Wash
  • Hydrometers
  • Intercell covers
  • Spill response kits
  • Safety signs
  • Battery signs