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Canara merges with CPG, combining our AI supported technology with cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions to better design, build and operate the data centers of the future.

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Canara Battery Maintenance

Batteries are your weakest link

The battery is the most vulnerable part of any backup power system, regardless of capacity, topology or brand. A proper preventative and corrective battery maintenance strategy is fundamental to ensure maximum system availability and to keeping your data center and business up and running.

Let us help you manage the maintenance and operations of your core power infrastructure.

Preventative and corrective maintenance

Canara adheres to and is committed to exceeding all IEEE standards and practices as they related to servicing mission-critical power systems.  Canara design, installation and maintenance also complies with the best safety practices. What sets Canara apart from the others is the level of compliance and performance in the execution of the maintenance requirements. Canara is committed to continued staff training and employs the finest lead technicians in the industry today. Our methods and procedures are continuously re-evaluated and all critical tools and metering are sent out for scheduled calibration.

Our quarterly, semi-annual or annual onsite inspections include:

  • Validation of Ohmic
  • Voltage and temperature measures
  • Calibration
  • Wire harness connection checks
  • Annual battery system visual inspections
  • Check electrolyte levels in wet cells


Plan spot replacements with pre-scheduled maintenance visits

Predictive analytics and monitoring of your batteries provide the visibility into your battery system so spot replacements can be planned in advance and timed with pre-scheduled preventative maintenance or service visits.


Extend Battery Life by up to 35%

Who wouldn’t want to increase battery life? By continuously managing the entire string for optimized performance along with monitoring every battery to ensure that they are maintained at optimal temperatures and within operating specifications, we are able to extend life out of most of your batteries. Many of our existing customers are able to extend battery life up to 35%.

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