Canara Battery Services

Portfolio of service options to meet all your battery asset management needs

Canara’s extensive battery history combined with our continuous monitoring of well over 2 million batteries means that we know batteries inside and out. Our monitoring allows you to predict the best time to replace batteries, so you can get the most out of the capital investment. Our Battery Services provide knowledgeable and skilled resources to manage installation and maintenance requests.

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Trust our Battery Experts

Canara has more than 20 years of experience in monitoring and managing battery systems for some of the largest data center operators in the world. Our field team is highly experienced and trained to perform battery projects in an efficient and safe manner. Whether you need a full battery installation or a spot replacement, we provide complete end-to-end project management coordination to ensure a successful implementation.

Key Advantages

  • Save time, money and ensure your systems are operational
  • Full turnkey management service for all your battery assets

Size Systems Accurately

Correct battery sizing for optimum runtime and maintainability saves money and space while avoiding outages. We can help properly size your battery systems taking into consideration both beginning of life and end of life requirements. This is where the rubber meets the road and why our expertise and experience really matters.

Save Money on Warranty Replacements

Warranty matters, and since we maintain the entire data history for your systems, we are able to certify each battery’s history against the manufacturer’s specifications--ideal when it comes to getting units replaced.

Canara provides and installs both new and replacement batteries of all types

Extend Battery Life by up to 35%

Who wouldn’t want to increase battery life? By continuously managing the entire string for optimized performance along with monitoring every battery to ensure that they are maintained at optimal temperature and within operating specifications, we are able to extend life out of most of your batteries. Many of our existing customers are able to extend battery life up to 35%.

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Canara Battery Services

Improve your productivity and failure prevention with a proven program that integrates people, processes, and systems.

INSTALLATION & REPLACEMENT Battery projects include staging, transportation, shipping, installation and disposal. When necessary our staff will perform a preliminary walk-through of your facility to identify logistical challenges ahead of time. On-site certified field technicians will perform new install or battery replacement and system configuration. We will also dispose of your old batteries to an environmental regulatory compliant battery recycling center.
PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS Quarterly, semi-annual or annual on site inspections include; validation of Ohmic, voltage and temperature measures, calibration, wire harness connection checks and annual battery system visual inspections.
BATTERY ASSET MANAGEMENT Facilitation of battery Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process and replacement including warranty management. If monitored, Canara has the ability to include battery performance history to expedite warranty claims.
LOAD TESTING & REPORTING IEEE 1188 compliant load test can be performed at installation or annually to simulate client load and prove overall system integrity and prove all units pass in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Canara will perform a complete analysis of the resulting data and provide a detailed report as to which batteries pass/ fail the load testing. This ensures that weak batteries are removed from the string immediately for better warranty claim and longer life string performance.
SPOT TEST & REPLACEMENT Predictive analytics and monitoring of your batteries provide the visibility into your battery system so spot replacements can be planned in advanced and timed with pre-scheduled PM or service visits.
IR SCANS & INSPECTIONS Trained technicians use non-intrusive, thermal imaging technology to detect defects before they can cause a major issue.

Installation and Startup

Battery delivery and quality-assurance testing

Once the maintenance window is scheduled, Canara coordinates all activities to transport material and equipment from the manufacturer or distributor warehouse to the customer’s site. Canara can coordinate advance testing of batteries where required.

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"Canara's unique products and services ensure power continuity for our customers as well as mange the lifecycle of our valuable battery assets.”