Critical Power Services

Critical facility services. Without the anxiety.

Canara can help you manage the maintenance and operations of your core power infrastructure with a variety of service options.

 Canara Battery Services

Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance

Save time , money and ensure your systems are operational with a full portfolio of battery service options to meet all your battery assets and maintenance needs.

 Consultative Services & Programs

Proven programs and tool sets

Our team of experts provides a wide range of services including facility assessments, operational improvement programs, documentation and procedural development.

 Facility Resource Coordination Services

Single point of contact

As a single point of contact, Canara provides a solution to manage and coordinate all parties, vendors, and subcontractors responsible for your critical power infrastructure for maintenance as well as during new installations.

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"Canara's unique products and services ensure power continuity for our customers as well as mange the lifecycle of our valuable battery assets.”