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Canara Battery Aging Analysis

Improve your ROI by moving to a conditioned-based battery replacement strategy

Eventually all batteries need to be replaced.  With conditioned-based replacement, you can defer costs and use your asset throughout its actual useful life.  Capital investment is optimized and batteries are replaced on an as needed basis versus a time-based (e.g. every 3-4 years) model.  On average, we found average battery life can be extended by 6-24 months when predictive analytics and monitoring are deployed.

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    Battery Aging Analysis
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Bringing accuracy to budget forecasting 

Battery aging is a critical forecasting management tool as well as an analytic tool that helps you better manage the replacement of your battery assets. Combining the data from a stationary Battery Monitoring System (BMS) with Canara’s predictive analytics platform allows Canara to predict the expected remaining service life of each individual string in your infrastructure. This critical asset management function offered by Canara takes the guesswork out of the equation as strings are replaced based upon performance and condition and not based upon time since installation.



consistent system visibility


Extension in battery life


battery replacement


Reduction in maintenance cost