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Canara merges with CPG, combining our AI supported technology with cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions to better design, build and operate the data centers of the future.

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Canara Insight Center

Ensuring uptime through continuous power infrastructure monitoring and predictive analytics

Canara understands and appreciates your need for the highest degree of availability and reliability possible. This requires diligence in gathering, trending and interpreting monitoring data into actionable insights, which allow you to predict & prevent vs. risk & react. The data made available by monitoring systems is worthless unless qualified individuals watch and interpret the information.

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Canara Delivers Visibility

Canara provides a deeper insight into your operations.

Core services provided by our team of experts

  • Predictive analytics
  • Weekly trending & corrective action reports
  • Aging analysis
  • Data correlation reports for handheld testing
  • Asset management
  • Equipment audit repository
  • Equipment activity history
  • Quarterly critical power performance report
  • Critical system reports

Canara Insight Center

The Canara Insight Center is an online monitoring portal, supported by our expert power analysts, that monitors the system health of thousands of critical systems around the world. Together, they form the foundation of a highly scalable, robust monitoring and forecasting program.

Featuring a multi-dimensional visualization of your data, the Canara Insight Center provides a clear and concise view of your operations in real-time. Our team of seasoned power experts interpret your data and predict related failures long before they happen. 

An unmatched 20 year history with an impeccable uptime track record is proof that our approach of providing advanced notification of battery or UPS issues is key to mitigating the risk of load-loss.

Access our monitoring portal anywhere...anytime

Remotely access data from monitored systems, view reports and conduct ad hoc analysis via any browser or mobile platform. Canara provides comprehensive analysis of data captured from battery monitoring devices, UPS and Branch Circuit monitoring systems and enables condition-based prediction of asset life. Our solution turns data into information that drives your decision making. That information in turn generates knowledge and best practices that preserve your costly resources.

Predict & Prevent vs. Risk & React

Migrating to proactive operations and maintenance requires interpretation of data. The data analysis generates actionable tasks, which allow you to adopt a predict & prevent approach to maintaining your facility rather than a risk & react methodology. 

By gathering core performance data in every facility daily, we help you improve energy and operational efficiency and ensure availability.

Canara turns data into information

Through our intuitive user interface, Canara enables informed decision making and provides valuable feedback on asset utilization.

REVIEWED BY THE EXPERTS: Power experts review your data and conduct analysis to predict imminent failures 

Birds Eye View From any browser, access a map pinpointing all of your site locations

Continuous Monitoring
Dedicated analysts that focus on risk mitigation provide the peace of mind you need.

Access Anywhere
Search and view data remotely through any web browser or mobile device.

Alarm Details
Clear and detailed visibility of the alarm status of batteries.

Critical Power Analysis & Reporting

Accurate data from a comprehensive monitoring system is extremely valuable. The value derived from an investment in monitoring dramatically increases when qualified individuals are continually watching, assessing and interpreting the data captured. Through the use of state of the art prognostics tools and software systems, Canara enhances your decision making by highlighting the information you need from the data we capture to make decisions and take action.

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consistent system visibility


Extension in battery life


battery replacement


Reduction in maintenance cost


"Canara's unique products and services ensure power continuity for our customers as well as mange the lifecycle of our valuable battery assets.”