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Canara Insight+ for Batteries

Innovative predictive monitoring service that eliminates the need to purchase battery monitoring hardware

Continuous monitoring of backup batteries can ensure protection, but requires a large up-front capital investment and adds more equipment that you must maintain. But hardware alone is not enough; you must then have the staff that can review alarms and interpret the enormous amount of data generated by these monitors. Unfortunately, all too often, alarms are often ignored, and performance data is rarely truly reviewed and understood. This not only places your data center at risk but also prevents you from realizing the full value of your investment.

Rethink your battery asset management.

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Let us help you drive better outcomes with predictive analytics and simplify your operations.

Canara Insight+ for Batteries

Fully Realize the Value of Monitoring

Canara Insight+ for Batteries is an innovative alternative to the traditional means of monitoring and managing your backup-power infrastructure. With our all-inclusive predictive monitoring service, Canara provides and manages every aspect of your battery monitoring solution. 

We bundle monitoring hardware and hardware replacement with our predictive monitoring service. This allows you to focus on your business priorities and not on the headaches of reviewing and analyzing performance data. It also eliminates the need to purchase equipment and shifts the purchasing model to a subscription fee, giving you the ability to reserve capital for other purposes. 

Canara Power Experts review your performance data and use analytics to predict imminent failures and provide real insights into your infrastructure. This enables you to fully realize the business value of monitoring not just respond to alarms and alerts.

Key Advantages

  • $0 upfront hardware cost
  • Predictable Opex
  • Expert analysis
  • Robust reporting
  • Online monitoring portal

First-ever all-inclusive, predictive monitoring service

A subscription-based solution bundles monitoring hardware, hardware replacement, and Canara’s predictive monitoring service to provide a complete solution.

By gathering core data in every facility, we can help you improve energy and operational efficiencies and ensure availability. While our qualified team is watching and interpreting this information, you can easily access and evaluate the same trending data through the Canara Insight Center.

Integrated Battery Monitoring Hardware
A fully managed and maintained system eliminates upfront capital cost, simplifies your operations and protects you from technology obsolescence

Canara Insight Center
A multi-dimensional visualization of your performance data that increases visibility and enables efficient management of your infrastructure.

Experienced Power Analysts
Our team of seasoned experts leverage predictive modeling tools to make informed assessments of your risk exposure and provide conditioned-based corrective actions and recommendations.

Robust Reporting & Analysis
Weekly reports outline performance exceptions and critical tasks enabling pre-emptive maintenance and asset planning. 

Innovative Battery Monitoring Technology

Predictive monitoring of the health of your backup power systems is critical to ensure uptime and supports business process improvements to aid overall operational efficiency. While you need it now, we understand that you may not have the capital to invest. This is why we offer our monitoring and predictive analytics as a service without the need for upfront capital investment in equipment. Canara Insight+ for Batteries includes state-of the-art hardware that gathers the same performance data as node-based systems but with up to 80% less battery connections.

  • Smaller hardware footprint with fewer potential points of failure

  • Swappable design for non-intrusive replacement

  • Large installation scalability

Canara Quadrant Controller

The Canara Quadrant Controller collects battery health and performance data across a string of batteries. Once connected, the controller measures four quadrants within the battery string to efficiently collect necessary performance data. These metrics enable identification of trending and critical battery situations that may require maintenance activity. The data points measured include impedance, float voltage, ambient temperature, charge and discharge voltages.

The Quadrant Controllers are connected to a Canara Manager that aggregates and communicates collected power system data back to the Canara Insight Center for analysis.

Critical Power Analysis & Reporting

WEEKLY TRENDING & CORRECTIVE ACTION REPORTS Weekly reports provide alarm details and recommended actions, enabling stakeholders to properly plan pre-emptive maintenance, while avoiding costly emergency work orders.
AGING ANALYSIS REPORT Detailed report that provides an estimate of the remaining operational life of a battery system. The report is based on a performance index rating that takes into account: system Ohmic rise, system age, number of batteries out of tolerance and number of batteries replaced.
DATA CORRELATION REPORTS FOR HANDHELD TESTING Canara can perform periodic validation of data captured on hand-held devices against the data collected by the battery monitoring system. These reports correlate the different measures and ensure accurate recommendations for the disposition of batteries.
CUSTOM REPORTS Custom reports allow you to create, edit and save your battery data in alternative formats that cater to your specific asset management needs.
EQUIPMENT ACTIVITY HISTORY Users can create work tickets to track all corrective and preventive maintenance activity performed on data center battery assets.
CRITICAL POWER PERFORMANCE REPORT A comprehensive report presenting the power outage events (discharges) that were captured by the battery monitoring system are also available.
CRITICAL SYSTEM REPORTS From commissioning reports to preventive and corrective maintenance reports, all delivered as interactive reports for one-click access to the information you need.

Optional Canara Battery Services

Save time, money and ensure your systems are operational with a full portfolio of battery service options to meet all your battery assets and maintenance needs. Starting with system identification and selection, Canara can help you navigate the procurement, install, commissioning and replacement of your critical power infrastructure. 

Our field team is highly experienced and trained to perform battery projects in an efficient and safe manner. Whether you need a full battery installation or a spot replacement, we provide complete end-to-end project management coordination to ensure a successful implementation. 

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consistent system visibility


Extension in battery life


battery replacement


Reduction in maintenance cost


“Canara Insight+ for Batteries takes the mystery out of our critical power infrastructure’s status by providing visibility into current performance, allowing us to extend battery life and take action before issues occur.”