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Canara Insight for Batteries

Uncover a better understanding of your assets and operations to prevent failures and prolong asset life

To manually monitor your UPS in a single site or across multiple sites with thousands of batteries is beyond human capacity. While monitoring UPS and battery health is essential across today’s data centers and commercial operations, the effort required to ensure maximum reliability can be daunting and expensive. Failure of a UPS system or even a single battery can have disastrous and costly consequences. 

We are here to help.

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Canara Insight for Batteries

Continuously Watching — So You Don’t Have To

Canara’s predictive analytics and monitoring service enables greater visibility and early-warning to potential threats in your facility and provides more accurate, preventative actions to increase reliability and maximize asset productivity. 

Data gathered on each and every battery is stored in a highly customized relational database system designed for battery monitoring data. All exceptional battery data is reviewed by our team of battery experts where we make the necessary balance of IEEE standard, judgement call and recommendations as part of our predictive analysis. We embed this commentary in the context of the reporting both via email and our online monitoring portal, the Canara Insight Center. 

An unmatched 20 year history with an impeccable uptime track record is proof that our approach of providing advanced notification of battery or UPS issues is key to mitigating the risk of load-loss.

Key Advantages

  • Mitigate the risk of downtime
  • Extend battery life by up to 35%
  • Support warranty claims based on unit lifecycle data
  • Avoid thermal runaway
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 75%
  • Gain consistent system visibility
  • Avoid unexpected UPS load loss

Predictive analytics to ensure uptime and extend asset life

Accurate data from a comprehensive battery monitoring system is extremely valuable. This value is dramatically increased when qualified individuals are continually watching, assessing and interpreting the data. By combining state of the art prognostics tools and software systems, Canara enhances your operations by highlighting the information you need to focus on. We are able to analyze, track, and even predict, what is going to happen and when.

Predict & Prevent vs. Risk & React

This requires diligence in gathering, trending, and interpreting data into actionable tasks which allows you to move to a predict & prevent condition-based maintenance model. 

By gathering core data in every facility, we can help you improve energy and operational efficiencies and ensure availability. While our qualified team is watching and interpreting this information, you can easily access and evaluate the same trending data through the Canara Insight Center.

Canara Insight Center

Analysis & Reporting

Service & Support

7x24 online access to the Canara Insight Center

BIRDS EYE VIEW Log in securely from any browser and access a map pinpointing the location of each system. Different colors quickly reflect the health status of the battery system. You can quickly zoom in on locations and access details for systems out of tolerance.
CONTINUOUS MONITORING Retrieving the data from various power systems enables analysis of trends in performance across the key components of your power infrastructure. Based on installed on-site hardware, this includes individual battery voltage, impedance, temperature and AC ripple.
ACCESS ANYWHERE Search and view data remotely through any web browser, on any device, from anywhere in the world.
ALARM DETAILS Get the most recent status on specific batteries that are Trending, Critical, or Replaced, including temperature, ripple alarms, discharges and float voltages, so you can identify any trouble spots.

Expert Human Analysis

Our team of seasoned experts interpret your data and predict battery related failures long before they happen. 

All data captured through our monitoring system is assessed against customizable predefined thresholds. Our analysts leverage over 20 years of expertise, IEEE standards and state-of-the-art predictive modeling tools to make informed assessments of your risk exposure. Recommendations, along with detailed commentary, are provided via the portal dashboard and included in weekly email reports.

Critical Power Analysis & Reporting

WEEKLY TRENDING & CORRECTIVE ACTION REPORTS Weekly reports provide alarm details, enabling stakeholders to properly plan pre-emptive maintenance, while avoiding costly emergency work orders.
AGING ANALYSIS REPORT Detailed report that provides an estimate of the remaining operational life of a battery system. The report is based on a performance index rating that takes into account: system ohmic rise, system age, number of batteries out of tolerance and number of batteries replaced.
DATA CORRELATION REPORTS FOR HANDHELD TESTING Canara can perform periodic validation of data captured on hand-held devices against the data retrieved by the battery monitoring system. These reports correlate the different measures and ensure accurate recommendations for the disposition of batteries.
CUSTOM REPORTS Custom reports allow you to create, edit and save your battery data in alternative formats that cater to your specific asset management needs.
ASSET MANAGEMENT TOOL Discover how your battery strings age over time and view the performance index ratings of each system to prioritize battery replacement across your portfolio and avoid budget surprises.
EQUIPMENT AUDIT REPOSITORY Equipment maintenance reports are stored in an organized central repository for historical reference and operational audits.
EQUIPMENT ACTIVITY HISTORY Users can create work tickets to track all corrective and preventive maintenance activity performed on data center battery assets.
CRITICAL POWER PERFORMANCE REPORT A comprehensive report presenting the power outage events (discharges) that were captured by the battery monitoring system are also available.
CRITICAL SYSTEM REPORTS From commissioning reports to preventive and corrective maintenance reports, all delivered as interactive reports for one-click access to the information you need.

Hardware Independent

Canara can interface with most battery monitoring systems resulting in a single solution that can be accessed anywhere. This avoids the necessity to become an expert on multiple software platforms, hardware and tools for each manufacturer.

We adapt our data collection to the capabilities of the individual battery monitoring system and support every major brand (Alber, BTECH, Canara, Cellwatch, PowerShield).

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Hardware Agnostic Monitoring Service

  • Easy integration with third-party hardware
  • Synchronize data from multiple systems and locations
  • Generate consistent consolidated reports regardless of monitoring hardware

Service & Support

Our team of professionals are ready to support your needs whenever you need them. They are readily equipped with the hands-on knowledge to provide installation and maintenance services for all facets of critical power backup systems. 

Canara delivers the value of end-to-end management through continuity of maintenance throughout the lifetime of your system. Starting with system identification and selection, Canara effectively helps you navigate the procurement, replacement, re-commissioning and testing of your critical power infrastructure. Canara further provides you with the visibility you need to safely manage your systems via the Canara Insight Center

LIVE SUPPORT Depending on your requirements, there are various support options ranging from normal business hours support to 7x24 extended support. Emergency calls are patched directly to an on-call duty technician.
WARRANTY PROCESSING As part of our extended support program, equipment warranty requests are processed on your behalf by our qualified staff. Our asset management system tracks the equipment operational history to help expedite warranty approval.
SERVICE TICKETING SYSTEM Through the on-line monitoring portal, customers can submit and track service requests for preventive, corrective or emergency maintenance.
BATTERY MAINTENANCE ACTIVITY Our team tracks, manages and escalates critical issues with your battery assets. The performance history of all batteries is closely monitored to ensure prioritized replacement and to maximize asset life.

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