Canara Insight for Branch Circuits

Avoid tripped circuits and quickly identify available capacity

Data centers consume vast amounts of energy. For both multi-tenant and enterprise data centers, the need to understand concentrations of energy usage and potential points of energy wastage have never been greater.

Data centers and their tenants are implementing usage based cost allocation for billing precision, while enterprise data centers are doing the same to accurately allocate usage to internal business-units. Data centers require data visibility to safely increase their utilization, maximize the value of their data center infrastructure and eliminate interruptions to service.

Affordable, extensive and easy to install.

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Branch Circuit Monitoring

The Canara Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM) System is an affordable solution that is designed for ease of installation, accuracy of data collection, timely reporting of anomalies and intuitive presentation of electrical usage history.  Canara’s BCM System delivers precise, intelligent analysis of circuit-level electrical usage, while enhancing visibility into the power infrastructure, enabling load-based cost allocation, and improving capacity planning. Leveraging the interoperability provided by the Canara Manager, the system provides integration via SNMP or Modbus into any Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or Building Management System (BMS) software package. When combined with the Canara Insight Center, this solution incorporates manipulation, analysis and presentation of usage data.  Alerts and alarms provide notification to customer for review and remediation.

Power Infrastructure Visibility

Canara Branch Circuit Monitoring delivers the granular visibility into power utilization for advanced warning and prevention of tripped circuits and unbalanced loads. As a key component in the ecosystem of critical power management, this essential alarming capability provides timely, actionable notifications to the appropriate personnel on impending issues with power distribution at the circuit level. 

An intuitive view of electrical panels allows data center operators to quickly identify circuit-level threshold violations and usage trends.

Extensive Feature Set

The Canara BCM delivers a broad spectrum of features targeted at meeting the similarly broad spectrum of circuit-level monitoring needs among data center stakeholders. The system features two main solution tiers, with an easy upgrade path from the Lite version to the Pro version. Ranging from current only solution to a fully featured offering, complete with rich analysis of usage-based allocations, the solution easily grows with your needs. The following table illustrates the key features in the Canara BCM solution.

Feature Lite Pro
Individual BCM Collectors monitor up to 21 circuits and can be integrated to monitor a panel of up to 84 circuits X X
Automatically identify and configure instrumentation of each branch circuit X X
Supports replaceable CTs for various current thresholds on each X X
Provides current and MAX current at each individual branch circuit X X
Capture total current per phase for the entire electrical panel X X
Monitor single phase, dual phase and 3-phase circuits X X
Provides power (kW) and energy (kWh) measurement for each individual branch circuit   X
Capture power per phase and energy per phase for the entire electrical panel   X

Load-based Cost Allocation

The Canara BCM solution includes the necessary software module for allocation of circuits to respective “circuit owners.” In tracking power usage, the system enables precise usage-based cost allocation by accurately allocating power usage to appropriate business units in an enterprise or tenants in a multi-tenant data center.

Feature Lite Pro
Intuitive modeling and graphical representation of the hierarchy of circuits, electrical panels, PDUs and other parts of the power infrastructure X X
Precise aggregation of circuit level data to provide panel and PDU summary usage X X
Historical usage trends by circuit, by panel, and by PDU X X

Energy Savings Initiatives, Performance Tracking and Capacity Planning Precision

Through its real-time usage measurements, Canara’s BCM solution highlights instances of stranded power and waste. Precise power and energy calculations provide the granular metrics necessary for evaluating energy efficiency and long-term capacity planning. By presenting historical trends of measured current usage against known, facility-specific thresholds, Canara BCM provides a reliable guide that answers the question: “where to put additional load.” This capability furnishes an early business indicator of shifting tenant needs and identifies when tenant usage warrants reduced or additional capacity.

Feature Lite Pro
Circuit management module enabling users to define key properties of each circuit
(e.g. name, owner, phase, breaker position, etc.)
User-configured warning and critical alarm thresholds with email-based notification X X
Usage-based power and energy calculation by circuit owner EST X
Configure energy-cost profile by individual circuit owners EST X
Usage-based billing projections EST X
EST - Estimated based on customer provided power factor

Integration & Data Access

There are several mechanisms by which you can access and visualize from the Canara Branch Circuit Monitoring Solution.

Feature Lite Pro
Allows centralized access to the BCM data captured via the Canara Manager device X X
System integrates with any DCIM software via SNMP or Modbus X X
Web-based access to locally hosted system through the Canara Connect application X X
Monitoring and reporting via the Canara Insight Center X X

Robust Reporting & Support Services

Canara Insight for Branch Circuits is a highly automated monitoring and reporting service that incorporates manipulation, analysis and presentation of your usage data. The Canara Insight Center gives your visibility into core usage and capacity levels. System reports highlighting usage and alarm situation are generated weekly. If desired, you may set up email notifications of potential risks, outages and other alerts.

Canara BCM Support Services BCM Equip. Support & Maintenance Canara Insight for Branch Circuits Canara Insight with Extended Warranty
BCM System Hardware X X X
Canara Connect X X X
Support & Maintenance X X X
Canara Insight Center   X X
Canara Remote Monitoring   X X
Alert Notifications   X X
Weekly Reports   X X
Extended Warranty     X

Benefits of Canara Branch Circuit Monitoring

  • Detect imminent circuit-level threshold violations early
  • Prevent tripped circuits
  • Mitigate risk of downtime as a result of over-current scenarios
  • Identify phase or load imbalance at the panel level
  • Allow for the reclamation of stranded power
  • Enable usage-based billing
  • Add load safely and preemptively identify need for additional capacity by tenant
  • Provide clients with automatic or online capacity reports

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“Canara’s weekly BCM reports have served as our guide to identify stranded power and helped us optimize loads - ultimately improving our PUE and our bottom line.”