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Canara UPS & Battery Monitoring System

The most comprehensive, cost effective and easy to install system on the market today

The patented Canara Battery Monitoring System continuously captures and securely transmits battery performance data. Suited for both VRLA and wet cell batteries, the system is cost effective and can be easily installed on UPS, Generator, DC plant and switchgear battery systems. Canara ensures that your critical backup power systems are ready when needed.

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System Benefits

  • Eliminate the risk of downtime
  • Extend battery life by up to 35%
  • Save money on warranty replacements
  • Avoid thermal runaway and comply with IFC608.3 2009
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 75%
  • Gain consistent system visibility
  • Avoid unexpected UPS load loss
  • Reduce battery waste
  • Migrate from emergency to preventive maintenance

Canara Battery Monitoring

Canara has the most innovative and comprehensive battery monitoring system on the market today. Manufactured for ease of installation, our system monitors batteries for UPS backup power, DC plant, generators and switchgear. Our battery monitor devices capture more battery performance data than any other system, providing you with a holistic view of system health.

The battery monitoring system is built with interoperability in mind. The system captures battery data from standard Canara battery monitors but also supports integration of data captured on any other battery monitoring solution. All data captured is accessible via Canara Connect, a locally hosted application that provides anytime-anywhere access to your battery health.

Through Canara Connect, you can consolidate data from multiple battery systems into a single online dashboard and generate informative reports to guide your decision making.

The Canara Battery Monitoring System comprise of the following components:


Canara Node
1 per battery. Each patented Canara node has a visual health indicator and measures more data parameters more frequently than any other system.
Canara Controller 1 per UPS or string(s). Collects data from the nodes and provides the central logic for each UPS battery monitoring system.
Canara Manager 1 per site. The Canara Manager provides local web access to system health data and optionally synchronizes with the Monitoring Operations Center.
Canara Connect Locally hosted software that allows one to access system performance reports and perform administrative functions on the monitoring system.

Measure More Data More Frequently

Monitored parameters include individual battery voltage, battery ohmic, ambient temperature, internal battery temperature, AC ripple and float current.

Measurement Parameter Canara Other Battery Monitors
Individual Battery Voltage Yes Yes
Individual Battery Ohmic Yes Partial
Interval of key Ohmic measurement 4X per day daily, weekly, monthly
Ambient Temperature Probes Yes Yes
Internal Temperature of Each Battery Yes No
Float Current Yes Partial
Visual Indicator of State of Health Yes No
AC ripple Yes No
Integrates with cloud-based monitoring service Yes Yes

AC Ripple Current...the UPS Heartbeat

Unlike any other monitoring solution, Canara captures AC ripple current. If undetected, ripple current can reduce the life of your batteries and even void battery manufacturer warranties. When detected, AC ripple enables advanced warning of potential UPS problems like faulty capacitors or defective inverter boards.

Canara Connect

Canara Connect is a a locally hosted application that provides web access to historical trends in system health. The software provides intuitive management of alerts and may be integrated with an existing Building Management System via SNMP or Modbus.

Canara Insight Center

The Canara Insight Center is an online monitoring portal, supported by our expert power analysts, that monitors the system health of thousands of critical systems around the world. Together, they form the foundation of a highly scalable, robust monitoring and forecasting program.

An unmatched 20 year history with an impeccable uptime track record is proof that our approach of providing advanced notification of battery or UPS issues is key to mitigating the risk of load-loss.

Canara offers the continuous monitoring and risk mitigation that provide the peace of mind you need!

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"We are leveraging Canara's predictive trending and monitoring products and services to deliver the most reliable power designs possible.”