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Canara merges with CPG, combining our AI supported technology with cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions to better design, build and operate the data centers of the future.

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Monitoring your power infrastructure with predictive analytics

Uncover a better understanding of your assets and operations

Whether monitoring UPS backup power, DC plant, Generators, Switchgear batteries, power distribution units (PDUs) or remote power panels (RPPs), Canara delivers the visibility that you require into your critical power infrastructure.

 Canara Insight Center

Delivering visibility and deeper insight into your operations

The Canara Insight Center is an online monitoring portal supported by our expert power analysts, that monitors the system health of thousands of critical systems around the world. Together, they form the foundation of a highly scalable, robust monitoring and forecasting program.

 Canara Insight for Batteries

Prevent failures and prolong asset life

Our team of seasoned experts interpret your data and predict battery related failures long before they happen. By gathering core data in every facility daily, we help you improve energy and operational efficiency and ensure availability.


 Canara Insight+ for Batteries 

Subscription-based predictive monitoring solution

An innovative alternative to the traditional means of monitoring and managing your backup-power infrastructure. With our all-inclusive predictive monitoring service, Canara provides and manages every aspect of your battery monitoring solution.

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"We are leveraging Canara's predictive trending and monitoring products and services to deliver the most reliable power designs possible.”