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Canara merges with CPG, combining our AI supported technology with cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions to better design, build and operate the data centers of the future.

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Since the data center emerged in the early 60′s, monitoring and managing backup-power systems has involved substantial upfront capital, unplanned maintenance expenses, costly personnel training and time-consuming reporting. In addition, facility managers typically replace their batteries every four years without a second thought – risking a costly power outage if their batteries fail before their scheduled replacements, or missing the opportunity to improve ROI if the batteries can extend beyond five years. Not to mention, the actual battery monitoring process requires dedicated personnel to analyze data and react to alarms.

Today, data center operators without a monitoring system take manual readings on their equipment every day, viewing them for about a month before discarding them. Even locally monitored battery systems produce thousands of points of data every day, but the data itself does not provide analysis, and monitors alone do not have the capability to generate any actionable insight. Yet, most facilities do not have the manpower or resources necessary to analyze the data. Others simply don’t fully realize the value of their data.

The status quo for battery asset management is broken.

Leveraging Canara’s more than 20 years of critical power expertise, as well as the largest historical database of predictive analytics, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Canara Insight+ for Batteries, the first-ever all-inclusive predictive monitoring service for data centers. Eliminating all upfront capital, our new subscription-based model bundles monitoring hardware, hardware replacement, and Canara’s predictive monitoring service to provide a complete solution. As a result, facility managers are empowered to focus on business priorities with peace of mind instead of the headaches of reviewing and analyzing performance data – knowing Canara’s expert power analysts are interpreting their data, predicting failures and providing condition-based corrective actions.

Facility managers that embrace this model can simplify their operations and realize cost savings of up to 50 percent. While this statistic alone is a game changer for the data center industry, our predictive and monitoring analytics as a service also provides convenient visibility into current performance, extends battery life, protects systems from thermal runway and reduces maintenance costs. In other words, Canara Insight+ for Batteries provides and manages every aspect of battery asset management.

Unlike the traditional risk and react approach, our “predict and prevent” method uses predictive analytics to uncover a better understanding of battery assets and provides more accurate, preventative actions to increase reliability and maximize asset productivity. In addition, it enables facility managers to accurately forecast expenses and reduce preventative maintenance visits from two to four times a year to one annual inspection.

I’m confident this as-a-service model will fundamentally change the business of battery asset management and help facility managers navigate the procurement, install, commissioning and replacement of their critical power infrastructure. For more information on Canara Insight+ for Batteries, click here