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Canara Launches Critical Facilities Services

Scalable, Cost-Effective Services Increase Reliability and Maximize Asset Productivity for Small and Medium Critical Facilities

San Rafael, CA – June 2, 2015 – Canara, the leader in predictive monitoring and analytics for backup power systems, today announced the launch of its Canara Critical Facilities Services (CFS), a scalable framework of consulting and operations management services for owners of small to medium-sized critical facilities.

“Canara CFS is a great complement to our existing monitoring and predictive analytics services for backup power systems,” said Tom Mertz, Chief Executive Officer - Canara. “With Canara’s predictive analytics, our experts are able to identify and provide early warning of critical events within timeframes that allow remediation to prevent failures and outages. We apply the same ‘predict and prevent’ process to maintain and manage critical infrastructures. Both services not only increase reliability but also prolong the useful life of our customers’ assets through proper maintenance.”

Canara CFS offers both a la carte and turnkey services allowing customers to choose from a menu of services to solve a particular vulnerability. In addition Canara will offer a full-service option, Canara Critical, to outsource the management of their entire facility. Under this framework, customers are able to seamlessly transition from an a la carte engagement to Canara Critical over time.

Canara CFS offers flexible solutions whereas typical providers only offer all-inclusive, long-term engagements that only large facility operators can afford. “A small critical facility requires the same quality of maintenance and management support as a large one, but the facility’s budget may require a more cost-effective service model,” said Steve Manos, Chief Business Officer - Canara. “We are proud to offer world-class, critical facilities services that will fill this market gap.”


About Canara
Canara, Inc., is a leading full-service solutions provider of power systems infrastructure and predictive services to ensure uptime and efficient asset management of critical backup power systems. Headquartered in San Rafael, California, and with offices in Atlanta and New Jersey, Canara’s customers include leading global companies such as Barclay’s, CenturyLink, Cologix, Comcast, Digital Realty Trust, Equinix, FedEx, PG&E, and Sony. For more information, please visit www.canara.com.