Canara Battery Asset Management

Enabling data-driven decisions and integrated life cycle management

Canara Battery Asset Management combines analytics and monitoring with full turnkey battery services. This fully integrated battery asset management solution helps you make more informed decisions, improve your return on investment and ensure uptime.

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    Canara Battery Asset Management
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Canara Analytics & Monitoring Service

Canara’s predictive analytics and monitoring service enables greater understanding and early-warning to potential threats in your facility and provides valuable visibility, insight and direction. By combining state of the art prognostics tools and software systems, Canara enhances your operations by highlighting the battery information you need to focus on.  We are able to analyze, track, and even predict, what is going to happen and when. Our weekly reporting and critical task list provide informed assessments and recommendations which allow for you to effectively plan corrective maintenance visits, budget for string replacements and eliminate most capital expenditure surprises.

Canara Battery Services

Canara delivers the value of end-to-end management through continuity of maintenance throughout the lifetime of your system.  Starting with system identification and selection, Canara effectively helps you navigate the procurements, replacement, re-commissioning, and testing of your critical power infrastructure. Our field team is highly experienced and trained to perform battery projects in an efficient and safe manner. Whether you need a full battery installation or a spot replacement, we provide complete end-to-end project management coordination to ensure successful implementation.

Leveraging Data Throughout the Life Cycle

The key to battery asset management is leveraging performance data throughout the battery life cycle.  Data is used to identify potential problems in advance and to provide insight and direction to improve ROI and better forecast expenditures. Our expert interpretation involves trending, perspective and insight that provides accurate advice and predictions. Our operational integration includes the timely action steps to maintain, remediate or replace. Combined, this enables you to make better decisions and drive greater business value.

Key Advantages

  • Plan & Scope: Our weekly trending and corrective action reports enable accurate forecasting and timely replacements which save capital and reduce risk.
  • Procure: We help you understand historical performance and requirements to help guide better purchase decisions.
  • Install & Test: Canara commissioning and load testing service validates purchase and ensures batteries perform when needed.
  • Maintain: As needed maintenance saves time, money and ensures uptime.

Providing greater insight throughout your organization

Effectively managing your battery systems is dependent on many touch points throughout your company. Canara’s performance-based asset management and consolidated multi-level reporting provides the information your organization needs to make timely and accurate decisions. 

SITE OPERATIONS Performance-based maintenance improves on-site efficiencies and reduces operational risk.
MANAGEMENT Standardization and integration of performance data and reporting improves visibility and increases management effectiveness. 
FINANCE  Consolidated asset details and status enables investment planning and evidence for capital expenditures.