Providing unmatched visibility and intelligence into essential operations

For over two decades, Canara has been remotely monitoring and recording battery performance data from all over the world. Originally, this was solely to identify failing units to eliminate downtime due to battery string failure. Over time, the data gathered has evolved into arguably the world’s largest database for batteries — and now this information gives Canara a unique outlook on specific battery behavior and performance. Leveraging its critical power expertise, as well as its historical database of battery data, Canara is a leading provider of predictive analytics and critical facility services.

Unlike the traditional risk and react approach, Canara’s “predict and prevent” method uses predictive analytics to uncover a better understanding of battery assets and provides more accurate, preventative actions in order to increase reliability and maximize asset productivity. In addition, this method enables facility managers to accurately forecast expenses and reduce preventative maintenance visits from two to four times a year to one annual inspection.

With a comprehensive portfolio of performance data of critical systems, Canara’s team of critical power analysts can compare and assess hundreds of different models of batteries, providing actionable insights into each specific asset. Because each battery has a lifecycle signature profile, Canara maps current battery performance against data from existing batteries from the same make and model unit and, as a result, accurately predicts the remaining useful life. By partnering with Canara, data center operators reduce the resources required for battery management and maintenance, improve their level of forecasting and budgeting, as well as optimize their resources to continue to drive innovation in pursuit of the perfect data center.

We are growing quickly and have an expanding list of top-tier customers including Charles Schwab, Equinix, and Cyxtera. And, we have premier investors across the globe.