Leveraging over 20 years of critical power expertise, as well as the largest historical database of battery data, Canara is a leading provider of predictive analytics and critical facility services. Canara offers subscription-based services and hardware-based options to meet customers’ financial and operational needs. Unlike the traditional risk and react approach, Canara’s “predict and prevent” method uses predictive analytics to uncover to provide actionable insight to increase reliability and maximize productivity. Together with Canara's team of critical power analysts, facility operators achieve unmatched visibility and intelligence into essential operations in order to detect threats, prevent problems and protect assets.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and with a West Coast hub in San Rafael, California, Canara's customers include leading global companies such as Cyxtera, Cologix, Equinix, PG&E, and Fidelity Investments.


Canara’s customer base is diversifying as the need for mission-critical power is spreading to many different industries. The core business is compromised of the world's leading data center operators, but now the telecommunications market is a fast-growing segment for Canara as reliance on IT systems that feed global economies either through wireless or wireline networks must have 100% uptime guarantees for their customers. We are also working closely in other key market verticals where reliable power and stored energy is critical – such as Transit/Shipping, Manufacturing, and Smart Grid.

Innovative Technology and Services

Canara is not standing still, not resting on our laurels. We are committed to continue to develop and deliver analytic and technology-enabled solutions that support the transformation of our customers’ business operations.

Canara has 5 key patents granted in monitoring sensor technologies and monitoring portal and services integration, several more pending and trade secret prognostics and predictive analytics algorithms and methodologies that set us apart from the pack.

IEEE Standards

Canara adheres to and is committed to meeting or exceeding all IEEE standards and practices as they relate to engineering, commissioning, monitoring and servicing mission-critical power systems. Canara design, installation and maintenance also comply with best safety practices and our products always greatly exceed the minimum compliance standards.