Canara Smart Node

Robust, multi-voltage nodes ensures optimal performance and prolongs asset life

Batteries have a limited life and many factors can effect it. With proper battery monitoring you can determine when a battery is near the end of its useful life and with proper battery management you can extend runtime and increase useful life.

Let us help you maximize the life and lifespan of your batteries.

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    Canara Smart Node
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Canara Smart Node

The Canara Smart Node is a reliable, multi-voltage monitoring node that ensures optimal performance and prolongs battery life.

Key Advantages

  • Improves performance
  • Extends battery life
  • Strengthens data collection accuracy and reliability

Multi-Voltage Support
This versatile node supports a wide range of voltages including 8 volt, 12 volt and 16 volt. This simplifies the ordering and spares process and eliminates the need for new hardware during infrastructure upgrades or changes.

Reliable and Robust Design
Hardened, 4-wire measuring system improves data collection accuracy and reliability over extended periods of operation.

Quick, Easy Installation
'Fast-on’ plug-in, single direction, wire harness provides quick, reliable and easy installation for both retrofit and new site deployments. 

Liquid Resistant
Innovative case design protects against wet cell battery electrolyte. 

Captures the Most Performance Data Providing a Holistic View of System Health

The Canara Smart Node and Monitoring System captures more battery performance data more frequently than any other system. Monitored parameters include individual battery voltage, individual battery Ohmic, internal battery temperature, and AC ripple.

Node Measurement Parameters Canara Smart Node Other Battery Monitors
Individual Battery Voltage X X
Individual Battery Impedance (Ohmic) X Partial
Interval of Key Ohmic Measurements 4X per day Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Internal Temperature of Each Battery X  
AC Ripple  X  
Visual Indicator of State of Health  X  
Monitoring System Measurements Canara Other Systems
Float Current X Partial
Ambient Temperature Probes X X
Integrates with Canara's Predictive Monitoring Service X X

Patented Visual Indicator Provides At-A-Glance, On-Site Verification of Battery Status

The Smart Node features a bright multi-color LED to indicate battery status. The Nodes map to the Canara Battery Automated Reporting (BAR) system which monitors the health of each battery and provides visual confirmation of battery status: Green = good; Yellow = trending; Red = maintenance required.


Battery Experts Continuously Watching — So You Don’t Have To

The Canara Insight Center is an online monitoring portal, supported by our expert power analysts, that monitors the system health of thousands of critical systems around the world. Together, they form the foundation of a highly scalable, robust monitoring and forecasting program. 

Featuring a multi-dimensional visualization of your data, the Canara Insight Center provides a clear and concise view of your operations in real-time. Our team of seasoned power experts interpret your data and predict related failures long before they happen.

An unmatched 20 year history with an impeccable uptime track record is proof that our approach of providing advanced notification of battery or UPS issues is key to mitigating the risk of load-loss.

Learn more about the Canara Insight Center